A Little Christmas Message

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Happy Christmas to you!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and whether you care for the snow – I know mum doesn’t – you tend to notice things a little more when they’re dusted in white.

On the surface it’s as if making everything the same colour, helps everything stand out.

Of course it’s actually the change that makes us notice, not the colour (even if the farm does look extra fantastic right now). As I reflect on my year it’s surprising how many achievements have become normal – how quickly delight settles to indifference. Sameness. Meh.

In the constant cycle of seasons, jobs, and milestones, it’s so easy to focus on the challenge tomorrow, and brush off all that you achieved yesterday. That’s always the nice thing about a simple change… A splattering of snow.

It highlights something special.

Now I know Christmas isn’t always an easy time of year for everyone, but I hope we can all use a few minutes of this big day to notice the small blessings in front of us:

  • The good things in our life.
  • The great people we have to call.
  • The achievements we have made.

I don’t know about you… but for me Christmas feels like an interruption in the best possible way. A little life change – in pace, and priorities. Just for the day.

The shops are shut, the fridge is full, and absolutely nothing is required.

Everything can wait.

So whilst everything else waits, we can afford to notice what’s been under our nose this whole time, and what or who we’ve been working so hard for this year.

That’s what I’m noticing this year. How about you?