Curious Art of Hedgelaying

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Lest we forget.

I hope you’re having a relaxing and reflective Remembrance Sunday. Here’s 1 minute of Calming Farming – dancing birds, red berries and traditional Hedgelaying.

A little reminder of how much we have to be thankful for, and the debt we owe to those who lay down their lives to protect this freedom.

Barn Fire Video

This week I released a big video about the horrible Barn Fire from Summer. I mentioned I’d be making a video about it, but things needed to settle first. You can watch it on YouTube here.

Video on the Fire at the Farm

Last weekend I also released a new episode of Good Morning from the Farm. I’m really proud of what our podcast is becoming, and thankful to be able to catchup with mum and the farm every month. Here’s a link to the latest podcast episode (21).


During our last sit down, mum excitingly announced that the Buckinghamshire Hedgelaying competition was happening at the farm. Right there and then. So I captured it for this weeks Calming Farming video - it’s a beautiful, traditional craft and the hedge looks incredible.

Mum joked that the hedges on our farm could “keep them in competition for 140 years”. There’s a lot more to hedgelaying than meets the eye – the times of year it can be done, the reason for doing it, and the environmental importance of it. I’m a big fan.

A note on Calming Farming: Are you enjoying these fortnightly videos from the farm, and what would you like to see next?

Speak soon, Ru