Chickens on the Farm

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I hope you’ve had a great few weeks, and you’ve caught up with the latest video about mum’s bargain / 3 new pigs!.

Chickens during lockdown.

For years now, our farm (like many others) has had to keep the birds inside and under cover because of Avian Flu.

Chickens are quite easy to miss on the farm, especially at the moment when they’re hidden away. Though having said that, even when they’re in full sight they tend to blend in – like wheels on a car – they’re an integral part of the farm that your eyes both expect and ignore…

It’s only when you tune in to their scratching, and pecking that you realise how lovely their presence is. So this Calming Farming has us tune into the chickens for a quiet minute.

My classical chicken rendition had me thinking about the other lovely videos we’ve already made about chickens, here’s one of my favourites, which also features this top comment:

In the past, people have laughed at me when I have told that keeping chickens can be very therapeutic, especially for people with stressful and high pressure jobs. But it’s true. Build or buy a chicken coop, get some chickens and when life gets a bit too much for you, grab something to sit on and go sit in the coop and watch the chickens. Believe me, you will become so engrossed with the chickens and what they are doing, you can easily lose 2-3-4 hours of your life and not even notice it.

If there’s ever an example of why your comments are so important, and so great it’s this. Just a lovely simple note, that adds so much.

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and if you’re feeling inspired – please share this moment with others.

If you have anything to add, then we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Lots of love from Ru + the farm.